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Weight Neutral Approach

Did you know dieting  and restrictive eating patterns actually increase your chance of gaining weight? 
Restrictive diets only set us up to fail and ultimately gain the weight again (plus some!). Research show, time and time again, most of us only have a 5% chance of keeping any restrictive weight lost off, for longer than a year. In addition, these restrictive diets leave us with habits and beliefs that promote unhealthy eating patterns. Through the practice of a non-diet/weight-neutral approach to health concerns, you will be able to develop a peaceful relationship with food and your body.  .
At Nulife Nutrition we work with you on behavior change and cognitive beliefs to guide you through the process of body trust and the realization that all foods can fit into a balanced meal plan. There are no “bad” or "junk" foods that must be completely restricted. Body awareness, mindfulness, variety, and moderation, are all key components to learn how to consume food that will supply nourishment to the body and enjoyment to the taste buds. 
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