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Grocery & Meal Support

Meal & Menu Support

When you have a plan for meals you can reach your nutrition goals, reduce stress, prevent impulse eating, and much more. Nulife Nutrition offers the following additional support using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) behavioral therapy - a therapy method that gradually exposes people to situations designed to provoke a person's obsessions in a safe environment. ERP is combined with distress tolerance therapies to help clients move through there anxiety or intrusive thoughts. 
  • Menu planning for the individual and family along with grocery list development
  • Grocery Shopping. Grocery shopping presents unique challenges. Loud noise and bright lights along with a surplus of choices, diet culture on display, easy access to calorie and nutrient facts can all impact someones ability to shop for food themselves. Learn your triggers and how to overcome them with 1:1 support before, during, and after your grocery shopping trip.
  • Meal support for the individual. Personalized 1:1 meal coaching is provided virtually or in person to help meet individual goals identified in nutrition counseling sessions. Meal sessions include, pre-Meal check-in, eating the meal, and a post meal check in with review of therapeutic coping skills
  • Meal coaching for the family/support person(s). Learn what to look for and how to provide feedback in an effective and supportive way around meal times.​
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