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Working with a Dietitian

Nutrition and physical health impact mental and emotional well-being. Food is the means by which our bodies and brains are nourished; and what we eat will impact how we feel and how efficient our bodies function. That being said there is a lot of misinformation in our media regarding diet and nutrition. Many people are under the impression that in order to gain health, heal, fix or prevent chronic disease that weight loss must occur or weight gain must be avoided at all cost. This is simply not always the case and furthermore can make the problem even worse. When you work with Danielle, you won’t be focusing on weight loss as your outcome. Your focus will be making sustainable lifestyle changes in order to obtain overall nutritional balance and holistic healing. 
The therapeutic alliance, between client and dietitian, supports the client’s need for behavior change; in order to, challenge distorted and obsessive thinking about food, weight, and body shape. You will be asked to explore feelings related to hunger and fullness, body shape and size and what "health" means. 
The dietitian is responsible for conducting a thorough assessment based on biochemical and anthropometric measurement; in addition to, behavior around and beliefs about health, food, and weight. A dietitian, working in the field of eating disorders/disordered eating will continuously evaluate the physical, psychological, and emotional complexity of the individual. It is encouraged for a client to express their emotions, feelings and fears around food and weight and the goals they wish to accomplish.
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