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Virtual/Telehealth Session

Join anywhere* on any device. The use of virtual sessions are now standard medical practice. Virtual session allow you to connect to your healthcare providers and manage your health and well-being remotely.
Nulife Nutrition Services uses HIPPA compliant video conferencing, to protect your health privacy. Just log onto the client secure portal, schedule your appointment and a secure link will be sent to you via email or text message. You can also log-on through your private client portal. 
In order to qualify for virtual services with Nulife Nutrition Services, when working in the context of eating disorder treatment, it is required that you have a team and are able to be weighed by a therapist or doctor, should weight data be required. 


Secure Virtual Nutrition Session 

-Do you live far away?
-Do you have a limited schedule?
-Do you get tired of commuting?
Then Virtual Sessions are for you!
Find out more and get started! 

*Out-of-State regulations may apply. Insurance coverage varies, please verify Telehealth is covered for nutrition counseling under your plan.

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